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Learn 500+ words for IELTS essay PDF

The IELTS vocabulary is very important for your essay writing. A good vocabulary will help you to express your ideas and opinions clearly and effectively. A bad vocabulary may make you incomprehensible and unconvincing. So it's necessary to improve your IELTS vocabulary, especially on the words which are commonly used in the questions of the essays. This ebook is designed for those people who want to learn more than 500 common words in IELTS, with a focus on essay writing.

IELTS Vocabulary Booster: Read it to Learn 500+ words for the IELTS essay and 5 popular writing topics explained and illustrated. IELTS Vocabulary Booster book is available as a pdf which you can free download from the button that appears after 15 sec. 

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We hope you found this post useful. If you're preparing for your IELTS exam and looking to improve your vocabulary, we can help! Our PDF guide contains 500+ words that you'll need to know in order to perform well on the writing and speaking components of the test. Follow our blog and receive updates on new articles as we publish them.

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