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This book demonstrates the intricate clinical diagnosis of diseases in various organ systems with numerous tables, figures, and algorithms. The extensive use of color images makes it easier to understand the text and find information quickly.

The most complete and definitive clinical diagnosis resource, Atlas of Clinical Diagnosis is an essential guide for all medical students, junior doctors, and practicing clinicians. Covering more than 1,800 diagnoses from over 100 subspecialties in adult medicine, this book helps the reader to apply their knowledge of the anatomical region and disease process to the appropriate clinical setting. Clear diagrams are complemented by concise text that includes a differential diagnosis for each condition.

Atlas of Clinical Diagnosis 2nd edition book was written by M. Afzal Mir. The complete book is available as a pdf which you can free download from here. 

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Atlas of Clinical Diagnosis By M. Afzal Mir PDF is a comprehensive guide to diagnosis, which provides an easy way to learn the principles of diagnosis and get familiar with the diagnostic process.

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