Enterprise Cloud Computing by Gautam Shroff PDF

Enterprise Cloud Computing by Gautam Shroff PDF

Enterprise Cloud Computing is a book that provides an in-depth analysis of cloud computing technology. It also explains the various benefits that enterprises can reap by adopting this technology.

The book begins with an introduction to cloud computing and the various terminologies used therein. It then goes on to discuss three different types of clouds, namely public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid clouds. The next chapter discusses the concept of virtualization and how it helps in implementing cloud computing technology. This chapter also mentions

Enterprise Cloud Computing Technology, Architecture, Applications book was written by Gautam Shroff. The complete book is available as a pdf which you can free download from this page.  

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Cloud computing is one of the most important technologies that are being used by enterprises these days. Enterprises are adopting this technology to drive their growth and achieve a competitive advantage. There are several advantages associated with cloud computing, but it’s not always easy for an enterprise to reap them on its own. To get more information on how enterprises can use cloud computing, check out “Enterprise Cloud Computing” by Gautam Shroff PDF or visit our website today!

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